ZenSketch: A Sketch-Based Game for Improving Line Work
Blake Williford, Matthew Runyon, Adil Hamid Malla, Wayne Li, Julie Linsey, Tracy Hammond

CHI Play 2017
Student Game Competition

Conquering the Cube – Learning to Sketch Primitives in Perspective with an Intelligent Tutoring System
Swarna Keshavabhotla, Blake Williford, Shalini Kumar, Ethan Hilton, Wayne Li, Tracy Hammond and Julie Linsey

Expressive (SBIM) 2017

SketchTivity: Improving Creativity by Learning Sketching with an Intelligent Tutoring System
Blake Williford

Creativity and Cognition 2017
Doctoral Consortium

Everyone Can Sketch: Reviving Hand-drawn Sketching with an Intelligent Tutoring System
Blake Williford, Wayne Li, Ethan Hilton, Julie Linsey, Tracy Hammond

SketchingDIS: Hand-drawn Sketching in HCI workshop at Designing Interactive Systems Conference (DIS 2017)

It’s Not Just About Accuracy: Metrics That Matter When Measuring Expert Sketching Ability
Tracy Hammond, Shalini Kumar, Matthew Runyon, Josh Cherian, Blake Williford, Swarna Keshavabhotla, Wayne Li, Tracy Hammond, Julie Linsey

Accepted, Pending Revisions
TiiS Intelligent Systems Journal Paper

Consistently Evaluating Sketching Ability in Engineering Curriculum
Ethan Hilton, Blake Williford, Wayne Li, Erin McTigue, Tracy Hammond and Julie Linsey


PerSketchTivity – An Intelligent Pen-Based Educational Application for Design Sketching Instruction
Blake Williford, Paul Taele, Trevor Nelligan, Wayne Li, Dr. Julie Linsey, Dr. Tracy Hammond

Revolutionizing Education with Digital Ink 2016

SketchMaster – Education for the Conceptual Age
Master’s Thesis